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INVISION magazine America's Finest Optical Retailers of 2015 featuring Dr. Miller of The Optical Co

The Optical. Co is honored to be voted as one of 'America's Finest Optical Retailers'. America’s Finest Optical Retailers contest, now in its fifth year, highlights the best examples of independent eyewear retailers in North America. “Every year we feel privileged to bring our readers the best of the best of independent optical retail in our industry,” said Deirdre Carroll, INVISION’s editor-in-chief. “The Optical. Co’s commitment to elevating the optician and opticianry back to an art form is highly commendable. Their model is a gratifying opposite to the fast fashion, instant gratification mentality that all too often is the enemy of quality. We look forward to watching them wow customers with eyewear’s craftsmanship for years to come.”

“We’re honored to be recognized and humbled to find ourselves in such great company. I’m so proud of my team and happy that we’re able to bring ‘America’s Finest’ to our hometown of Columbus.”



As written in INVISION magazine:

Story by Heath Burslem

At this Columbus, OH boutique optical, respect for craftsmanship paired with advanced technologies adds up to a rare eyecare experience.

Owner Dr. Craig Miller likes to think of The Optical. Co as “a true optical start-up.” Launched in 2017, its stated goal is to bring back high-quality eyewear that celebrates the optician as a “master craftsman of vision,” holding the line in a world of mass production and low standards. The Columbus, OH , practice was created, he says, to bring well-crafted vision and high-quality eyewear back to the community.

“I learned very early on that you can’t practice the same way every single day of your career,” says Miller, adding that it’s important to evolve and become comfortable with change. “When you have an organization that constantly wants to improve things for their patients, whether that is the experience, the quality of care or the level of products, it fosters a culture that is very forward thinking and adaptable,” he says. This view is summed up in his personal mantra: “Give Better.”

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Miller’s revered concept of the “master optician” is conjured up as soon as you enter the optical. “When we started out designing the space we were fortunate to have such an amazing shell to work with,” he says. From the start, he and his team were focused on designing a modern retail space with “vintage bones.” The exposed brick that lines both walls has been there for over 100 years and complements the Baltic birch shelves and woodwork throughout the store. The use of birch does more than just provide a clean, organic look; it was purposely selected for its storytelling potential. “Just like a craftsman’s workbench,” says Miller, “the dents, scratches and imperfections accumulate with and tell the stories of time. We want our optician’s workbench to do the same.”

Miller credits some outside help, citing Twenty Brands with the practice’s design, McComas Builders with construction and Downtown Woodworks for the custom woodworking.

When it comes to sales, Miller has his own playbook, one that insists on packaging only that eyewear that is best suited to a particular patient. “We refuse to put ourselves in a business model that we are having to up-sell into a no-glare lens or a poly… If you have a reputation of up-selling or ‘add-ons,’ you will quickly lose that level of trust in the community.”

The eyewear is merchandised to showcase the brands and share their stories. Not allowing them to get lost in the design is always a challenge, says Miller. “We were able to refurbish and reuse these vintage acrylic frame boards that help break up the visual merchandising. We wanted the space to look just as great at night when we’re closed as it does when we’re open, so we installed LED lights that light up the frame boards.”

This focus on the experience continues into the exam room, where wide-field digital imaging and wavefront guided measurements are included in every exam. Miller says patients love the “no-puff” glaucoma testing. Digital eyewear measurements are made on an iPad when designing lenses. Miller is quick to note that, “At the end of the day we want our customers to know that it’s not the technology alone that’s doing all of the work,” adding that it’s important customers get a sense that experience, expertise, and optical know-how are what set   the practice apart.

On The Optical. Co’s commerce-centered website, one can order glasses, schedule an appointment, or chat live with a staffer. “It’s important that the customer experience is the same online and in-store,” says Miller.

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