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Contact Lenses Are Shaping The Future of Kid's Vision

MiSight contact lenses by CooperVision has taken the lead as a remarkable tool for controlling myopia, or nearsightedness, in young patients. These lenses are not just about correcting vision; they are about shaping the future of children's...
Professional runner Nikki Hiltz. Photo credit: Article One

Athlete Ally with Nikki Hiltz

In partnership with Nikki Hiltz, Article One is celebrating Pride Month by donating all profits from the sales of their best-selling Hanley sunglass frame to Athlete Ally.
Larry Leight and Garrett Leight of the luxury eyewear brand Mr. Leight

Spotlight: Mr. Leight

At the heart of the Mr. Leight collection is a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. Each frame is handmade in Japan using the finest materials, including premium acetates, high-grade titanium, and intricate detailing.
Optical frame stylist in trendy optical store in Columbus Ohio

Discover the Perfect Frames: Where to Find the Best Eyeglass Store in Columbus, Ohio

As the only locally owned optical and optometry practice in the Short North, The Optical. Co styles the city with unique hard-to-find, handmade eyewear from some of the best designers around the world. With a...
Couple wearing horn rimmed sunglasses - photo credit GLCO

Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Originally, horn-rimmed glasses were made from genuine animal horn or tortoiseshell, lending them a unique pattern and texture that became highly sought after. Today, most horn-rimmed glasses are crafted from plastic acetate designed to mimic...
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Want Better Vision? Focus on the Abbe Value

When purchasing eyeglasses, most people's decision is primarily influenced by the the frame style or the need for a. prescription change. However, the optical quality of lenses, significantly influenced by the Abbe Value, is equally crucial. 
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HEARTMADE by Andy Wolf

The unmistakable love for quality eyewear and craftsmanship is rooted in the culture at Andy Wolf. It should come as no surprise that their new HEARTMADE collection is dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship, design and...
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The Science Behind Solar Eclipse Glasses

Solar eclipse glasses are a must-have accessory for anyone wanting to enjoy this year's total solar eclipse. These seemingly simple pieces of eyewear are critical for safely viewing solar eclipses, protecting the eyes from harmful solar radiation and permanent...
Solar eclipse glasses

How to Safely Watch a Solar Eclipse

We’re about to witness a once-in-a-lifetime experience — the total solar eclipse takes place on April 8th for those lucky enough to be in the viewing path. However, viewing a solar eclipse without proper precautions...