Professional runner Nikki Hiltz. Photo credit: Article One

Athlete Ally with Nikki Hiltz

In partnership with Nikki Hiltz, Article One is celebrating Pride Month by donating all profits from the sales of their best-selling Hanley sunglass frame to Athlete Ally.
Larry Leight and Garrett Leight of the luxury eyewear brand Mr. Leight

Spotlight: Mr. Leight

At the heart of the Mr. Leight collection is a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship. Each frame is handmade in Japan using the finest materials, including premium acetates, high-grade titanium, and intricate detailing.
Couple wearing horn rimmed sunglasses - photo credit GLCO

Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Originally, horn-rimmed glasses were made from genuine animal horn or tortoiseshell, lending them a unique pattern and texture that became highly sought after. Today, most horn-rimmed glasses are crafted from plastic acetate designed to mimic...
Model winking in mirror

HEARTMADE by Andy Wolf

The unmistakable love for quality eyewear and craftsmanship is rooted in the culture at Andy Wolf. It should come as no surprise that their new HEARTMADE collection is dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship, design and...
Andy Wolf metal round luxury eyeglasses on green background

Go Green: The Fresh New Trend In Eyewear

Green is more than just a color; it's a symbol of rejuvenation, balance, and optimism. In the world of fashion, green has always held a unique place, offering a fresh perspective and a touch of...
Luxury sunglasses folded sitting on table

Our Favorite Fall Shades for 2023

Fall in the shop is an amazing time. There is a fresh buzz in the air and fresh styles on the street - we're loving all of them.
Shop Talk: Brian Hunt

Shop Talk: Brian Hunt

In the shop, we see some pretty amazing people do pretty amazing things everyday.This season, as we celebrate the dedication and triumphs of all our friends who conquered the challenging 26.2 miles in marathons across...
Woman sipping a warm drink wearing SALT. round plastic luxury eyeglasses from The Optical Co

Best Colors To Wear in Autumn

Fall is a season known for its rich and earthy colors, and wearing eyewear and clothing that complements the natural beauty of the season can help you embrace its warmth and coziness.
Man sitting on rocks at bay wearing SALT prescription luxury sunglasses

Colorado by SALT

Cooler months call for cooler looks. The Colorado by our friends at SALT. is a timeless frame with a no-nonsense approach to style.