Shop Talk: Brian Hunt

Shop Talk: Brian Hunt

In the shop, we see some pretty amazing people do pretty amazing things everyday.
This season, as we celebrate the dedication and triumphs of all our friends who conquered the challenging 26.2 miles in marathons across Chicago, Columbus, New York, and beyond, we're in awe not just of the milestones they've reached, but profoundly moved by their unwavering commitment to the entire journey.
Today, we're honored to highlight the uplifting story of one such finisher. Their words are a testament to the spirit that drives every runner across that finish line.

It gets greater later

Our friend Brian Hunt, crossed the finish line of his first marathon in the Windy City last month. The journey toward achieving a dream is often where the true story unfolds.

Brian's dedication—lacing up his shoes and throwing on his sunnies day after day—embodies the very essence of commitment.

His experience reminds us that the path to any significant achievement is paved with daily perseverance.

Small steps, every day, will add up.

The journey to get there was not easy. Some setbacks, more breakthroughs. Thank you for all who lifted me up along the way.
It gets greater later"
- Brian

Don't stop

Brian's message inspired all of us at The Optical. Co - don't stop doing the small things, everyday. They will add up to something great.

- Doc

Get the look

Brian completed the Chicago Marathon in a pair of Article One x Mission Workshop Sunglasses with custom crafted lenses from the shop.

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