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Ordering your contact lens supply with Easy Order is well… easy.

UPLOAD: Simply upload a copy or a picture of your contact lens prescription. Make sure that all prescription information including your name, doctor's name, exam date and expiration date can be clearly read.

SUPPLY: Tell us how much of a supply or the number of boxes you would like to order.

CHECK YOUR EMAIL: Once we receive your request, a state-licensed optical experts will email you a custom order typically in the same business day. You can pay and place the order directly from your email.

Easy as that.


Contact Lens Easy Order

To start your Easy Order, simply upload a valid copy of your contact lens prescription below and we'll take care of the rest.

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We Know Vision

That's why we're proud (and bold enough) to say we offer the highest quality prescription lenses available online — The Optical. Co is made up of a team of state-licensed Opticians & Optometrists. We believe in the importance for quality vision and we believe everyone deserves the best vision crafted at the most affordable price.