Best Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

Best Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is a common condition among adults and becoming increasingly common in young-adults and kids. With so many different types of eye drops on the market, how do you know which one is best for your eyes.

The Best Over The Counter Eye Drops

There are many different forms of dry eye, and even more types of over the counter (OTC) dry eye drops available at the store. So which one is best for you?

Systane Complete

Systane Complete eye drops by Alcon have been a favorite first line eye drop among Eye Doctors since its release. This over-the-counter eye drop is designed to provide relief for all major types of dry eye and is safe to use before and after contact lens wear.

Systane Complete uses nano-droplet technology to relieve the signs and symptoms of dry eyes. This technology forms a layer of protection across the surface of your eye resulting in much better coverage and protection versus other versions of Systane.


Biotrue Hydration Boost

Biotrue Hydration Boost eye drops by Bausch+Lomb are designed for people with dry and irritated eyes. Designed to match the same pH of healthy tears in your eye, this over-the-counter eye drop is preservative free to help avoid any more eye irritation.

Biotrue Hydration Boost are uniquely formulated with features that are inspired by the biology of the eye. It is enhanced with Hyaluronan (HA), a moisturizer found naturally in the tears.


Before buying any over the counter eye drops talk to your Optometrist or Eye Doctor. They have more knowledge regarding different eye drops than any other medical professionals.

The Best Prescription Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

Your Eye Doctor may prescribe prescription eye drops for advanced cases or for chronic dry eyes. Typically, prescription eye drops for dry eye are used in combination with over the counter dry eye drops to help improve your dry eye.


Restasis from Allergan has been the go-to prescription for dry eye treatment since it’s release in 2003. This prescription eye drop was developed specifically to treat inflammatory dry eye or chronic dry eye caused by inflammation in the eye and was the first drug specifically approved for the treatment of dry eyes.

Restasis comes in the traditional preservative free vials and now the MultiDose bottle form.

While most everyone will have some improvement with using Restasis eye drops, the degree of benefit will vary significantly among each person.



Xiidra is a newer prescription eye drop used to treat dry eyes. Released in 2016 by Novartis, Xiidra is designed to target the source of inflammation that can cause dry eye. Unlike Restasis, Xiidra targets a different part of the eye to reduce the inflammatory cascade.

Xiidra eye drops comes in preservative-free vials to use twice a day.



It is not an eye drop but a new prescription nasal spray for the relief of dry eye.

Tyrvaya nasal spray by Oster Point Pharma was approved in 2021 for the treatment of dry eye. It is designed to restore tear film balance in your eyes by stimulating production of your eyes own natural tears.


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