Eliminate Annoying Glasses Glare on Zoom Calls

Eliminate Annoying Glasses Glare on Zoom Calls

You have the perfect background, outfit and invested in the best technology. But the only thing anyone notices is the not-so flattering appearance of your eyewear.

How To Make My Glasses Look Good On Video

Glare on your glasses can ruin the quality of any Zoom meeting, FaceTime chat or TikTok video quickly. Your goal as a presenter or creator should be for the users on the other end have a good video experience. To accomplish this we want to help make your glasses look great on screen.

Eliminate Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are designed to block harmful blue light from entering your eyes. Wearing proper blue light filtering glasses is important in our day to day lives when we are starring at screens and surrounded by fluorescent lighting.

You should not be wearing blue light glasses in video.

Most high quality blue light glasses block up to 40% of the blue light from entering your eyes. To accomplish this, the blue-light is reflected off the surface of the lenses. Essentially being “blocked” from passing through the lens and entering the eye. This blocking or reflection of the blue wavelength of light creates unwanted glare on screen.

Invest in High Quality No-Glare Anti-Reflective Glasses

This should come as no surprise that the quality of your eyeglass lenses will determine how well they perform as well as how they look. What may be a surprise is that not all anti-reflective coatings that are sold online are good.

When buying prescription eyeglasses online it is important to ask about the source of their eyeglass lenses. You should only purchase prescription eyewear from a reputable online optical using lenses sources from leading lens manufacturers like Hoya, Zeiss and Shamir.

While we all love a great deal, cheap glasses result in cheap vision. Cheap vision results in poor video result on screen.

Perfect The Fit

If the goal of your presentation or content is to be presentable then a eyewear frame that is of proper shape and fit is essential.

Oversized eyeglass frames and a style that doesn’t compliment your face shape or skin tone can distract a viewer. Instead, work with a professional virtual eyewear styling expert to help find the perfect frame to compliment your features, style and personality.

Soften The Light

Light rings, LED lights and the light from our monitor is very focused and will create unwanted glare on even the best eyeglass lens. Consider these tips when on screen to help avoid this glare.

  • For direct light, consider using a diffuser to soften the light.
  • Reduce background light and improve indirect light.
  • Reduce monitor brightness when possible.

Best Glasses For Zoom Meetings

The glasses you wear on screen in video should be different than the glasses you wear everyday or while you work behind the screens.

Your video glasses should be a well fit frame made with the proper no-glare lens technology that is right for you and your prescription.

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