Hi-Index Lenses: What You Need To Know

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Hi-index eyeglass lenses are a collection of lenses made with a special lens material to provide thin, lightweight eyeglass lenses to those with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

What Are High Index Lenses

Hi-index eyeglass lenses refer to a specific type of prescription lens material that is thinner and lighter than standard plastic or glass lenses.

Hi-index lenses come in many different variations based on the index of refraction of the material. Generally speaking, the higher the refractive index of a lens, the thinner and lighter that lens can be.

Types of Hi-index Lenses

There are different types of high-index lenses that the Optician uses to craft your vision. Based on your prescription, frame shape and size the Optician may recommend a specific type of hi-index lens.


1.60 Hi-index plastic
Best for prescriptions greater than +/- 4.00

Super Hi-index

1.67 Hi-index plastic
Best for prescriptions greater than +/- 6.00

Super Hi+

1.70 or 1.74 Hi-index plastic
Best for prescriptions greater than +/- 8.00

Benefits of Hi-index Lenses

When ordering new glasses online or in-store, it’s important to choose the appropriate lens material for your prescription needs. For those with eyeglass prescriptions greater than a +/-4.00 there are many advantages of using high index lenses.


The quality of your vision is directly related to the quality of the materials the Optician crafts your prescription into. Prescription appropriate hi-index lenses provide superior optics for people with higher prescriptions compared to standard lenses.


Because Hi-index lenses are thinner than other lens materials, they are also much lighter in weight. Crafting your prescription in the appropriate lightweight lens will provide more comfortable glasses and sunglasses and will help reduce the weight off the bridge of your nose.

Thin Edges

Large frames, metal frames, square eyeglass frames and higher prescriptions all create eyeglass lenses that are thicker and more noticeable on the edges. Choosing your eyeglass lenses made with the appropriate high-index lens material allows your prescription lenses to be much thinner and less noticeable.

1.70 Hi-index lenses typically are at least 50% thinner than traditional plastic eyeglass lenses.

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