How Often Should You Have An Eye Exam

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Your eyes aren’t just the windows to your soul; they are your gateway to the world. Keeping them healthy and in perfect shape is vital for a life full of colors, clarity, and accurate perceptions. In order to maintain your vision, it’s important to have regular eye exams. But, how often should you have an eye health and vision check-up?

Do I Need an Eye Exam?

At a first glance (pun intended), you may consider eye exams as merely a check-up for your prescription. However, their significance stretches far beyond that, playing a vital role in visual performance and overall health. Even with perfect vision, the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends a comprehensive eye exam every year by a state-licensed optometrists.

It’s not all the things you can see that your optometrist is examining, but all the things that you can’t.

How Often Should I See My Optometrist?


Ages 18-64

Adults ages 18-64 should have an eye exam by a state-licensed optometrist at least every 12 months if there are any vision changes or if you are at risk for any eye diseases. Adults in this age group that are not at risk and do not experience symptoms should have an eye exam every 12-24 months.

65 and older

Adults over 64 should have an eye exam at least every 12 months.


First year

All kids should have their eyes examined by an optometrists that specializes in pediatric eye care within the first 12 months.

Ages 3-5

Children should have a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrists at least once, preferably twice between the ages of 3-5.

Ages 6-17

It is recommended that all kids have an eye exam before they start first grade, and then every 12 months after that.

Why Are Regular Vision Check-Ups Important?

Optimized Vision

Eyestrain and tired eyes are common place in today’s digital world. With regular annual eye exams, your doctor can make the small changes necessary to help optimize your vision and reduce the amount of stress that is put on your eyes throughout the day. Over time, your eyes will change. Regular check-ups guarantee that you always have up-to-date prescriptions, offering the best vision possible.


Routine eye examinations can detect the signs early for many vision and health problems. Early detection and prevention is the key to successful treatment for common conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Systemic Health Indicators

Health conditions like diabetes or hypertension can be spotted through certain changes in your eyes long before other symptoms appear. Even brain tumors have been found during a patient’s annual eye exam.

Ensuring Accurate Vision

Over time, your eyes can change. Regular check-ups guarantee that you always have up-to-date prescriptions, offering the best vision possible.

Healthy eyes result in healthy vision. Keep your eyes healthy with routine annual eye exams and vision check-ups with a state licensed optometrists.

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