Is It Better to Wear Contact Lenses or Glasses?

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The debate between contact lenses and glasses has been ongoing since the popularity boom of contacts over 30 years ago. Both options offer distinct advantages and considerations, but making the choice comes down to a matter of health risk, personal preference and lifestyle. 

The Case For Wearing Glasses

Glasses Define Your Fashion Style

Eyeglasses are a fashion staple. Just like your clothing style, your eyewear style is unique to you. With a plethora of frames to choose from, glasses can complement your style and even become a defining part of your identity.

Glasses Are Easy To Use

For many, the simplicity of putting on and taking off glasses is a significant advantage. There's no need to deal with the hassle of contacts or touching your eyes.

Better Optics, Better Vision

Eyeglass lenses offer better optics and vision compared to that of contact lenses, especially with prescriptions that require astigmatism correction or multifocal needs.

Healthy Eyes Are Happy Eyes

Even when used correctly, contact lenses carry a risk for infections, ulcers, dry eyes and other complications. Many of the common contact lens complications are not found in everyday glasses wearers.

If you need glasses, you need glasses - contact lenses are a luxury to give you a break from your glasses.

The Case for Contact Lenses

Improved Peripheral Vision

For many with high prescriptions or astigmatism, contact lenses can provide a wider field of view than glasses. This can be particularly advantageous in activities such as sports or driving.

Sports and Lifestyle Activities

If you're an active person, contact lenses can be a game-changer. They don't fog up or fall off during physical activities, making them ideal for sports and outdoor adventures.

Take a Break From Glasses

Sometimes you just want a different look. Wearing contact lenses can offer a new style compared to your everyday glasses fashion.

Should I Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Ultimately, the decision should not be between one or the other but to find a healthy blend of both.

Most doctors and eye care professionals will recommend keeping your contact lens wear at a minimum due to the potential eye health risks associated. For some, that may be a few hours a day. Others may need to wear their contacts up to 10-12 hours.

Before deciding if you should wear contact lenses or glasses you should talk to your doctor about what you want to get out of your contact lenses. The two of you can come up with a successful contact lens and glasses wearing schedule that will benefit both the health of your eyes and your lifestyle.

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