New Year's Eve Glasses Through The Years

Happy kid wearing New Years Eve glasses in 2010

New Year's Eve oversized eyeglasses started showing up in the 1990's and have evolved from their humbling beginnings. Each year we're reminded of this tradition. Some good, most bad, but all brought in the celebration of a new year.

The Best New Year's Eve Glasses


The best year has to be the simplistic style of 1996. Clever, basic and glow-in-the-dark, 1996 wearers were one of a kind.

Couple wearing oversized new years eve glasses from 1996


The 2000's were meant for great New Year's Eve glasses design and it couldn't get any easier than the first year of the new millennium.

Man in New York Times Square wearing 2000's oversized glasses on New Years Eve

The Best New Year's Style

There isn't much good that can be said about the fashion style of New Year's Eve eyeglasses. Fun and clever? Yes. Stylish? Absolutely not.


Sometimes you just have to make the style all your own.

New Year's Eve party goer wears 2015 New Years glasses


The year that was made for eyeglasses.

Smiling woman wearing oversized glitter 020 New Year's Eve eyeglasses

The Worst New Year's Eve Eyeglasses

Things seemed to take a turn for the worse over the last decade.



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