Say Goodbye To Reading Glasses

Say Goodbye To Reading Glasses

Improve Your Reading Near Vision

For most people over the age of 40, having trouble focusing on your phone or computer is a daily struggle. We live in a time of intense visual demand at near and our day to day lives are becoming more near tasked oriented.

How can we improve our near vision and reduce the need for reading glasses?

Contact Lenses

Multifocal contact lenses or contact lenses for presbyopia have seen major technological improvements over the last few years. Today’s multifocal contacts offer great vision at distance, intermediate and at near.

While there are many Multifocal contact lenses on the market, there are only a small few that makes our list in terms of good performance, health and comfort.

The goal of multifocal contact lenses is to significantly reduce the need for reading glasses. This amount is different for everyone. When trying multifocal contacts for the first time it’s important to remember that it will take time for your eyes and brain to learn how to see out of them. We recommend trying them for a 14 day period before deciding on a final multifocal contact prescription.


Refractive Surgery

New eye surgery technology can significantly reduce your need for glasses at both distance and near. Clear lens extraction with multifocal implant technology is a common refractive surgery that provides clear vision at distance, intermediate and near.

Similar to the implantable lenses used in cataract surgery, a multifocal IOL replaces your eyes natural lens. The surgery typically takes about 10-20 minutes and only one eye is operated on at a time.

During this procedure, the surgeon replaces your eyes natural lens with a multifocal lens implant. Because cataracts form in your eyes natural lens, patients that undergo this procedure earlier in life will never develop cataracts.

Eye Drops

VUITY is the first FDA approved eye drop designed to treat the symptoms of age related near vision. Approved in 2021, VUITY showed to improve intermediate and near vision without causing a decrease in distance vision.

VUITY is only available as a prescription from a licensed eye care professional. They are used once a day and typically lasts for 5-6 hours.

UPDATE: Since the time that this article originally published, the Doctors at The Optical. Co no longer recommend VUITY as a safe solution for improving near vision. Please talk to your state-licensed Optometrists before starting on any eye drop medication.

Multifocal | Progressive Prescription Lenses

Generic, over-the-counter reading glasses are not designed to handle our modern world. Multifocal | Progressive lenses are custom made so you can get the best vision at near, intermediate and distance.

Our Multifocal | Progressive prescription lens can be customized for your specific lifestyle. This customization by our state-licensed optical experts ensures that you get optimal, clear vision where you need it most.


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