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Derived from the Japanese word for clarity, Meiryo is both a reference to Hoya’s Japanese origins and a testament to the superior visual quality of their lenses.

About SuperHiVision Meiryo EX4

With exceptional clarity, scratch resistance, and UV protection, Super Hi-Vision Meiryo has the most effective combination of features which provide exceptional clarity, long-lasting lens protection, and clarity of vision.

Extreme Durability

Meiryo EX4 offers up to 2.5x better scratch resistance than other competitors lenses

Easy to Clean

Hoya’s new eyeglass lens stays easy to clean 10x longer than other lenses

Superior Clarity

SuperHiVision Meiryo provides 56% lower reflectance compared to other major lenses.


Meiryo EX4 prescription lenses provide front and back UV protection to keep your eyes healthy.

HOYA Vision Care has been a worldwide leader in patented anti-reflective prescription lens coating technologies with several first-to-market innovations. The new SuperHiVision Meiryo EX4 anti-reflective prescription eyeglass lens is the latest innovation to provide you with superior vision and long-lasting lens durability.

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