What Are Prism Lenses?

Image of a prism

In the world of optics, a prescription lens is a tool that bends or refracts light closer or further to focus on the retina. Prisms, on the other hand, move light and images in relative space. 

How are Prism Glasses Made?

Prism eyeglass lenses are created by incorporating prisms into eyeglasses to bend or manipulate light in order to help align the image with the eye. While they are useful in treating many eye conditions, it is important to note that prism lenses do not have an effect on the focusing elements of the eyeglass lens.

Prism lenses are created with a thick base and a pointed apex top, similar in shape to that of a pyramid. The more refraction of light, the more prism is needed, making the base of the prism thicker. While they have a unique shape, prism lenses look just like traditional lenses and cannot be distinguished apart from them.

How to Calculate Prism?

To calculate the amount of prism needed, opticians use Prentice's Rule, which states that Prism (diopters) = Power (diopters) X Decentration (centimeters). Prentice's Rule is used to create prisms in lenses.

Who Should Wear Prism Lenses?

If you suffer from visual disorders such as eyestrain, double vision, strabismus and other binocular vision disorders, your Doctor may prescribe prism lenses as part of your treatment.

These lenses bend light to help align the image on corresponding areas of your retinas, allowing for clear single vision instead of double vision.

While there are no known side effects of prism lenses, it is possible to experience minor issues during the first few days of adjusting to them. These can include double vision, headaches, nausea, and eye pain.

Prism Alternatives

While prism lenses are an effective treatment option, vision therapy is often used as a long-term treatment to correct symptoms for which prism lenses are used. Vision therapy can take a few weeks for corrective results to take place.

If you feel like you may need prism lenses, it is important to schedule an appointment with your Doctor or local optician today to see if they are right for you.

How To Order Prism Glasses Online

Ordering glasses with prescription prism lenses is easy.

Once you place your glasses order with prescription lenses and upload your prescription, one of our state-licensed opticians will verify the amount of prism needed from your prescription. We will contact you if anything extra is needed.

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