Why Do My Eyes Look Big With Glasses?

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Some eyeglass lenses, depending on what type of prescription is needed, can magnify your eyes to make your eyes look bigger than normal. Why is that?

Do Glasses Make Your Eyes Look Big?

If you wear glasses, that means that you are either nearsighted or farsighted. Lenses that correct farsightedness (hyperopia) tend to make your eyes look bigger, whereas eyeglass lenses that correct nearsightedness tend to make your eyes look smaller.

To correct your farsightedness and clear up your vision, you will need a plus power or convex lens in your glasses. This plus power lens is thicker in the center of the lens and thinner on the edges. Just like a magnifying glass, plus power lenses tend to magnify your eyes.

The more prescription needed to provide clear vision, the more magnification that your lens will create.

Eyeglass Lenses That Won’t Make Your Eyes Look So Big

There are options to help the appearance of big eyes with your glasses. If you are farsighted, keep these important factors in mind before you order your new glasses.

Material Matters

Choosing the right eyeglass lens material is key. Generally speaking, the thinner the lens, the less magnification caused. This doesn’t always mean that every prescription needs to upgrade to the thinnest lens possible but the wrong eyeglass lens material can give you unnecessary and unwanted big eyes.

Aspheric Lenses

For those with higher prescriptions an aspheric lens design can help prevent unwanted magnification. Aspheric lenses are typically High Index lenses that are made with much flatter curves. This slimmer design reduces magnification and improves comfort and vision.

Focus on Quality

Choosing the right frame and the right lens material is one thing, but none of that will matter if the quality of your eyeglasses lenses are poor. Be sure to order your eyeglass lenses from a reputable, independent source. When purchasing your eyewear, ask questions regarding who the lenses are from and where they are manufactured.

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