Why Do My Eyes Look Smaller With Glasses?

Why Do My Eyes Look Smaller With Glasses?

The purpose of your glasses is to bend or focus the light so that you can see clearly. Depending on the prescription needed this can ultimately make your eyes look bigger or smaller.

Glasses Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

If you wear glasses, there is a good chance you are nearsighted or have myopia. To correct your nearsightedness and clear up your vision, you will need a negative power or concave lens in your glasses. Unlike a magnifying glass that is a plus power (convex lens), a negative power lens can cause some minification. In other words, a negative power lens will make things appear smaller.

The more prescription needed to provide clear vision, the more minification that your lens will create.

Eyeglass lenses that won't make your eyes look so small

There are options to help the appearance of small eyes with your glasses. If you are nearsighted, keep these important factors in mind before you order your new glasses.

Choose The Right Material

Choosing the right eyeglass lens material is key. Generally speaking, the thinner the lens, the less minification caused. This doesn’t always mean that every prescription needs to upgrade to the thinnest lens possible, but the wrong eyeglass lens material can cause your eyes to look smaller.

Choose The Right Size Frame

The more nearsighted you are, the more frame size can affect the appearance of your eyeglass lenses which can ultimately affect the appearance of your eyes. The more nearsighted you are, the more you will want to stay away from oversized frames and frames that may extend beyond the width of your face.

Quality Lenses Are Key

Choosing the right frame and the right lens material is one thing, but none of that will matter if the quality of your eyeglasses lenses are poor. Be sure to order your eyeglass lenses from a reputable, independent source. When purchasing your eyewear, ask questions regarding who the lenses are from and where they are manufactured.

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