Edey by Article One

Woman wearing Edey round plastic eyeglasses by Article One

Inspired design has no limitations. Edey by our friends at Article One is a beautifully crafted round eyeglass frame whose popularity was instant.



Edey was initially inspired by the vintage round shape of early mountaineering sunglasses. Article One designers continued to sharpen the features to deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind design shape that has made Edey a best selling frame.

Edey olive green crystal round plastic eyeglasses for men and women

Durability and comfort are considered in all Article One designs. Edey is constructed from premium Italian cellulose acetate with a nickel silver core wire. Handmade in family ran factories in Northern Italy, the attention to fine acetate selection shows in powerful new color styles.

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With its bold silhouette and raw edged design, Edey is a uniquely wearable shape for both men and women.

Vintage tortoise round bold prescription eyeglass frame at The Optical Co


With its bold style,, the Edey is a versatile frame design that coordinates perfectly as your everyday frame or as sunglasses.

Round yellow sunglasses sitting on a rock in the sun with a gecko

The Edey by Article One is available to order online or in-store at The Optical. Co. All Edey glasses orders include premium no-glare single vision lenses custom crafted by our state-licensed optical experts.

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