Knox by SALT.

Knox eyeglasses by SALT


The Knox frame by SALT. pays homage to the browline frames that were a popular mid-century staple. Browline frames are defined by their bold style at the top and a thin metal rim towards the bottom of the frame. Evolving from that rich history, Knox glasses and sunglasses revisit that bold style but with an emphasis on construction and optics.

Lightweight Titanium

Unlike most titanium glasses frames, Knox is engineered with a full titanium front that features a tapered thickness. This tapered thickness is designed to carry a prescription lens and ensure any stress on the frame is not transferred to the lens.

Like all SALT. frames, Knox is 100% made in Japan with high quality Japanese components. The high grade Japanese acetate temples ensure a long lasting proper fit while the mono-block titanium process eliminates points of stress and fatigue on the frame ensuring that the eyewear will last for generations.

SALT. Knox | Black Sand

Superior Optics

Knox is designed to ensure that any stress on the frame is not transferred to the lens. Poorly made eyeglass frames, especially metal frames, can add undo pressure on the lens causing it to warp. These stressors lead to lower quality optics and ultimately hurt your vision.

The Knox Suns include premium SALT. polarized CR-39 lenses. These lenses feature a back-side anti-reflective coating that reduce glare to ensure quality optics.

Like all SALT. frames, the Knox glasses and sunglasses are prescription ready for custom made The Optical. Co premium prescription lenses or sun lenses.

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