Suns of Summer

Woman in pool wearing Garrett Leight sunglasses

Sunglass style is going to look a lot different this summer. This year’s summer guide to sunglasses, we introduce a collection of fashion forward sunglasses styles perfect to block out this years summer rays.


Summer is here and the sun is shining. Whatever your summer brings we have the perfect sunwear style for every occasion.

Outdoor Wedding Highlight

Summer weddings are the perfect time to step up your summer style game. For outdoor weddings we want to focus on timeless styles that will compliment your attire. Stay away from traditional dark sun lenses and instead, choose a mirrored tinted lens.

Ace by Garrett Leight continuously gives a modern take on timeless style. Ace sunglasses compliments any wedding attire, black tie or relaxed, with a selection of colors and lens choices.

Yellow crystal wayfarer sunglasses by GLCO
GLCO Ace Suns

Poolside Chic

Don’t be afraid to get them wet. Zev is the perfect sunglasses for a summer of poolside play. Affordable and durable, Zev sunglasses by THE OPTICAL. CO are made with a premium backside anti-reflective coating to clean up any annoying sun reflections. This advanced lens design allows for much cleaner vision and makes Zev the best poolside companion.

Blue sunglasses with blue polarized lenses on sale online
The Optical. Co Zev

Outdoor Play

Hikes, bikes, rafts and runs. The AO Active collection by our friends at Article One offer the best active wear sunglasses for your summer play.  The new collaboration with Mission Workshop is the perfect sunglass style for your active summer. Duval polarized sun lenses paired with adjustable silicon nose-pads provide great vision on the water and no-slip hold on long rides.

Black navigator fashion cycling glasses at The Optical. Co
Article One x Mission Workshop

The Road Trip

Outdoor concerts and cheap hotels - summer road trips are experiences that will last a lifetime. The glass lenses and premium optics of SALT. sunglasses will guarantee that you won’t miss a beat. SALT. sunglasses are handcrafted in Japan with strong Japanese acetate designed to handle the wear and tear that life on the road brings. The premium polarized sun lenses provide a level of vision that can’t be beat.

Luxury green aviator polarized sunglasses on sale online at The Optical Co
SALT. Hancock Suns

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