The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

There are 7 common face shapes; Oval, round, square, heart, rectangular, oblong and diamond. Finding an eyeglass frame style and shape that fits your face shape and personality can be a challenge.

How to find the right eyeglass frame for your face shape

Nothing looks better than a properly fit pair of eyeglasses. With so many style options, many struggle with the challenge of  choosing the right glasses that fit your specific face shape.

While we may love that oversized round frame, our face shape may determine otherwise.

Our key piece of advice is choose the pair that you love but we have also gathered a few select choices to make your choice a little more simple.

Here’s what to look for when choosing your next pair of eyeglass frames.


The oval is the most common face shape with a defined jawline and soft chin. The face is more long than it is wide and the cheeks are often the widest portion of the face. Because of this balance oval shapes tend to have the most free reign choice of glasses.

The slightly rounded style of the Winward gives compliment to your cheeks while the rectangular shape of the Huron defines the browline.


A round face shape is characterized with soft features and fuller cheeks. More circular in appearance, the round face involves no major angles and is mostly symmetrical.

People with a round face should avoid round glasses and focus on glasses that are defined by more angles and edges.

The 5116 from Andy Wolf is an oversized square frame that does just that. The Optical. Co Washington plastic square eyeglass frame is a modern rectangular fit that draws attention to the browline and is a style most people can wear confidently.



Square face shapes tend to have a defined browline with angular cheeks and flat chin line. The facial features are very sharp and similar in width. Those with a square face shape tend to have very symmetrical features.

A round style of glasses softens those chiseled features while still allowing the striking features to speak for themselves.



Heart shaped faces tend to have high cheekbones and a forehead of similar width. Angling of the characteristic narrow chin offers a face that is longer than it is wide.

Heart shaped faces are wider on the top so find glasses that provide proportions to your face. While there is no specific rule for heart shaped faces in terms of eyeglass shape, we recommend avoiding bold, dense rectangular or square styles.


Diamond face shapes tend to be confused with hearts. While both have wide cheekbones, diamond faces narrow at the forehead as well as the chin.

The eyewear rule of thumb for diamond face shapes is to balance out the brow. Browline glasses and modern cat-eyed glasses tend to provide the right amount of proportion to the face.


When choosing your next pair of glasses, it is more important to pick a style that you love in a frame that is both comfortable and well made.

While there are helpful guidelines, there are no rules in style.

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