Biotrue Hydration Boost eye drops
Biotrue Hydration Boost

Certified Eye Drops

Biotrue Hydration Boost eye drops are recommended artificial tears by the Doctors at The Optical. Co. When you order your Biotrue Hydration Boost drops from The Optical. Co you are guaranteed to get the freshest, never out-of-date supply.

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Biotrue Hydration Boost by Bausch+Lomb

Rehydrate your eyes with drops to help relieve dryness from digital drain and just life in general.

Biotrue Lubricating Eye Drops with Hydration Boost is an over-the-counter treatment option for people suffering from dry eyes or ocular surface disease. Manufactured by Bausch+Lomb, Biotrue over the counter eye drops is formulated with Hyaluronan, a moisturizer found naturally in your eyes tears. Hydration Boost eye drops are preservative free and balanced to match the pH of healthy tears to provide all day eye comfort.